Eating excessive Amalaki may cause serious health problems...

Dhaka, Wednesday   14 April 2021

Eating excessive Amalaki may cause serious health problems

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 Published: 05:55 PM, 9 February 2021   Updated: 05:56 PM, 9 February 2021



Amalaki, popularly known as herbal fruit, has lots of health benefits. It keeps the body away from various diseases. 

During the season change, various types of lung infections including shortness of breath and asthma are seen. In this situation, many people recommend eating amalaki.

The vitamin C and antioxidants present in amalaki can protect the human body from multiple diseases. However, eating excessive amalaki can be dangerous for the health. Let’s have a look at how eating excessive amalaki create problems:

> A maximum of 1-2 amalaki can be eaten on an empty stomach every morning. But, it is not right to eat more than one or two amalaki a day because it contains a lot of vitamin C which can cause constipation.

> In some cases it is better to avoid amalaki. If someone has undergone surgery or is taking any blood-thinning medicine, then it would be wise to take amalaki with the advice of a doctor. It is good for pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding their children to avoid amalaki.

> It is a powerful cardiovascular stimulant. However, amalaki does not have a severe effect on your heart. However, according to experts, if you have any cardiac problems, you should consult a doctor before eating amalaki.

> Amalaki greatly reduces body temperature. So if you suffer from a cold or cough, it is better not to eat.