Easy way to prevent 6 child-diseases in winter...

Dhaka, Sunday   27 September 2020

Easy way to prevent 6 child-diseases in winter

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 Published: 04:01 PM, 19 November 2019   Updated: 05:16 PM, 19 November 2019



We have to face various types of health problems during the winter season. As a result, we must extra care. However, it is needed to take more care of the child than the older. Children are seen to be infected with various related diseases. 

Cough-sneezing, cold, fever, throat and chest pain are the most common contagious diseases. Today you will learn a domestic solution to these diseases that will give you and your child a much easier way to relieve discomfort.

What ingredients need: 

Ginger, olive oil, honey, flour, tissue paper, scostep. 

How to make it

First, mix the honey and flour together as much as need. Now mix it with ginger and two to three drops of olive oil. Take the mixture in a small amount of tissue and stick it in the chest with scostep. You have to use it before going to bed at night. But do not keep it overnight for children.