EU could fail to coronavirus...

Dhaka, Saturday   06 June 2020

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EU could fail to coronavirus

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 Published: 10:39 PM, 9 April 2020  

Italy`s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte

Italy`s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte

Italy's Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said that the European Union is in danger of failing to prevent coronavirus infection. He said this in an interview with British media BBC.

The EU has to work in an adequate and integrated manner to help European countries most affected by the deadly coronavirus, Conte said. 

Giuseppe Conte says the European Union needs to rise to the challenge of what he calls "the biggest test since the Second World War".

This is his first interview with the UK media since the pandemic spread to Italy seven weeks ago.

He was speaking as Italy and some other EU countries try to push more frugal members of the bloc to issue so-called "corona bonds" - sharing debt that all EU nations would help to pay off. The Netherlands, in particular, has opposed the idea, leading to a clash between finance ministers of the eurozone.

"If we do not have the opportunity to revitalize the European project, the risk of failure can take a real turn," he told the BBC.

The infection rate in Italy is slowing - the latest figures show positive cases increasing from the previous day by a little over 1%. Two weeks ago, the rise was 7%.