Alexa ERC condemns Suu Kyi

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ERC condemns Suu Kyi

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 Published: 10:40 PM, 14 December 2019  

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European Rohingya Council (ERC) has strongly condemned Aung San Suu Kyi for taking a stand against the Rohingya in the International Court of Justice (ICJ).

In a written statement on Friday, the organization condemned Suu Kyi; news - Anadolu Agency

In 2017, protests around the world started over the Rohingya genocide. To the UN, the Rohingya are described as the most oppressed group in the world. Myanmar State Counselor Suu Kyi repeatedly ignored the Rohingya's call for justice for the peace.

In a written statement, The ERC says Suu Kyi has failed to acknowledge the serious crimes committed by the army under her watch. Besides, she has given priority to political position on human rights, justice, accountability, and responsibility.

Suu Kyi and his legal team did not even mention the word Rohingya when presenting their country to the international court. Even, they couldn’t show signs of justice and accountability there. On the contrary, she only talked on behalf of her army. She also denied the Rohingya massacre her troops, including the commander-in-chief of the Myanmar army, Min Aung Hlings.

The ERC, meanwhile, urged international community and human rights organizations in Gambia, Canada, the Netherlands, and Myanmar, as well as international community and human rights organizations, to support the Rohingya for "justice and accountability."

In November, Gambia filed a lawsuit against Myanmar as a representative of the OIC, a Muslim states' body. The case is being handled by the country's Justice Minister and Attorney General Abubakar Mari Tambadu. And State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi contested on behalf of Myanmar.

The ERC urges the European countries to support the Gambia. They also called to reach the genocide issue at a critical and unbroken stage.