Dry Fruits Kulfi to serene your heart in hot weather...

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Dry Fruits Kulfi to serene your heart in hot weather

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 Published: 04:29 PM, 14 October 2020  

Dry Fruits Kulfi

Dry Fruits Kulfi

Kulfi ice cream has become so popular that all classes of people eat in every weather - especially in hot weather. From children to the elderly, everyone keeps Ice cream among the list of favorite foods.

The homemade Kulfi is a favorite for everyone. Let’s learn how to make Dry Fruits Kulfi at home —  

Ingredients: 1 liter of milk, half a cup of condensed milk, cashew nuts, pesto, almonds as required, a little cardamom powder, a pinch of saffron.

Method: First, boil the milk in a pot. When the milk is very thick, mix it well with condensed milk and a little salt. Shake it a little and mix it well with saffron, almonds, pesto, almond powder and cardamom powder.

Now shake it frequently. When the mixture cools down, pour it into the Kulfi mold and keep it in the fridge overnight. Now take it out of the fridge, spread the almond crumbs on top and serve to your loved ones.