Drone to find criminals

Dhaka, Thursday   23 May 2019

Drone to find criminals

 Shaheen Mia, Narsingdi Daily-Bangladesh

 Published: 03:58 PM, 11 June 2018  

Pic: Daily Bangladesh

Pic: Daily Bangladesh

The drone has been introduced in Narsingdi to control the law and order and to find the culprit quickly on the spot.

The drone camera will monitor every area including schools and colleges. This drone will also fly at night. Night Vision is installed with the camera so that it can also monitor in the night. Drone cameras will control the remote areas of Narsingdi. As a result, police believe that the crimes will be reduced.

SP Saifullah Al Mamun said we need modern technology to control law and order. So we`ve started with the drone. Other districts should also be started.

He said that two advanced technology of drone has been introduced in this month to control the law and order in the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr permanently. ‘‘With this help, we can monitor crime from the SP office in different areas of the district including the whole city. Even Eid Jamaat can also be monitored by this drone.’’

SP also said people in the Narsingdi Char are often involved in fights. During this, the locals became angry at police due to their less activity. In the meantime, we can take measures to monitor the situation by drone.

‘‘Petrol and surveillance will also be done through drones in different areas. Originally, the use of drones in different countries of the world under the rule of law and order. The benefits of those countries are also getting. So Bangladesh Police also made interest in drone use.’’

‘‘On June 6, I was monitoring the situation of the city through a drone in my area. It has several aspects. Firstly, we are happy so that we can do the petrol in the area. The situation in the area is easily seen. There is a panic created in the minds of criminals. The areas where drug addicts and the miscreants are gathered, drone will be installed there,’’ SP Saifullah added.

Each drone was bought for Tk 3 to 4 lakhs. Currently, 5 members of the district police are being trained. In the future, SP also told the plan to build a surveillance unit under a sub-inspector.