Alexa Dreadful ‘Bulbul’ near Sundarbans

Dhaka, Saturday   23 November 2019


Dreadful ‘Bulbul’ near Sundarbans

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 07:30 PM, 9 November 2019   Updated: 09:55 PM, 9 November 2019

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

The dreadful cyclone ‘Bulbul’ is turning and heads to India’s Sagardip of Kolkata and Khepupara of Bangladesh. The size of the cyclone is getting bigger as well. According to meteorologists, it will hit the ground on Saturday night.

Indian meteorologists fear that a very severe cyclonic storm could collide on India’s Sagardip and Khepupara in Bangladesh between 8 pm and 12 am on Saturday night.

Mrittunjay Mahapatra, a scientist of the Central Meteorological Department of Cyclone in India, said such storms could hit in a large area. ‘Bulbul’ will also hit along the large area of the coast in West Bengal and Bangladesh. So far the nature of the motion, it seems that the Sundarbans and its surroundings will be tumbled by the ‘Bulbul’. In the meantime, ‘Bulbul’ has reached closer to India's Digha and Sagardip.

The Alipore Meteorological Office said that although the ‘Bulbul’ is strong in the sea, it would slow down while tumbling on the ground. But the way the ‘Bulbul’ is getting stronger, it is believed that the speed will be from 110 to 120 km per hour while it hits the ground and can be intensified up to 135 km per hour if it gets further intensified.

Bulbul is moving along this stretch of the ocean, including Bakkhali and the vast area of ​​the Sundarbans with stormy winds up to 120 Km per hour. Administrative surveillance has been intensified in those areas amid the severe scary of Bulbul.

Meanwhile, according to the latest bulletin from the Bangladesh Meteorological Department, a strong thunderstorm in the northwest Bay of Bengal and adjoining areas is moving at a speed of 15 km in the northeast. At 3 pm, the cyclonic storm was located at 445 km south-west of the Chattogram port, 445 km south-west of Cox's Bazar port, 240 km south-west of Mongla seaport and 275 km south-west of Payra port.