Alexa Doyel’s ‘Toshok’ Int’l Film Festival

Dhaka, Sunday   23 February 2020


Doyel’s ‘Toshok’ Int’l Film Festival

 Entertainment Correspondent

 Published: 07:33 PM, 17 January 2020  



The 18th Dhaka International Film Festival organized by the Rainbow Film Society has accumulated with the arrival of film directors, producers and distributors from home and abroad. 

Contemporary films are being shown at the festival every day. In that continuation, the short film ‘Toshok’ (The Mattress) directed by Murshida Jaman will be shown on Friday in the ‘Women Filmmaker Section’ where the model and actress Dilruba Doyel played the lead role.  

Doyel starring ‘Alpha’ was released on the big screen last year — since its release, the film received a lot of audience appreciation. The film was nominated from Bangladesh for ‘Foreign Language Film’. Besides, another film ‘Chandrabati Kotha’ directed by N Rashed Chowdhury was widely praised at the Kolkata International Film Festival at the end of last year.

When asking Doyel the reason behind starring in a short film after internationally acclaimed full-length film, she replied, “I believe in content. If the story is good, then it is not important to me whether the film is short-length or full length. Upon hearing the story of ‘Toshok’, I agreed to act on it.” 

Before the premiere of ‘Toshok’, Doyel is reluctant to say more. ‘Toshok’ is a little eco-fiction type film, she also said adding, “I believe every viewer can relate the story.”  

The 7-minute film is produced by Nightin Film Factory and its premiere will be held at Sufia Kamal Auditorium of the National Museum on Friday around 7:30 pm.