Does mosquito spread COVID-19?...

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Does mosquito spread COVID-19?

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 Published: 02:10 PM, 2 April 2020  

Does mosquito spread COVID-19?

Does mosquito spread COVID-19?

The death toll from the deadly coronavirus infection is increasing. An antidote has not yet been developed to protect it. You may be surprised to know - not only corona, but also mosquito-borne diseases kill about half a million people worldwide every year.

Since coronavirus is a contagious disease, many people still have questions about whether it can spread through mosquitoes. Although mosquitoes carry dengue, Chikungunya, Jaundice, Zika, rose river virus. Besides, mosquitoes carry malaria germs. But mosquitoes never can carry HIV and Ebola virus.

Experts say that mosquitoes carry various types of viruses. Female mosquitoes eat human blood to give birth to their own eggs. The mosquito bite causes the virus to enter the human body.

This, of course, requires a step; That is - the mosquito has to bite an infected animal first, then if a human is bitten, he may become infected.

Experts say the coronavirus spreads through the cough of a person infected. Even if the infected person touches someone else, there is a risk of coronary injury. Corona can be detected by examining the blood of the infected person, but it does not spread through mosquitoes. At least until now no such evidence has been found.