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Do aliens really exist?

 Abdur Rahman Rahad

 Published: 11:16 PM, 25 August 2019  

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Aliens are usually defined as “a creature from outer space or extraterrestrial”. But what comes first in our mind after hearing the word ‘Alien’? Alien is the created character of science-fiction based Hollywood movie or such ideas like that. But there is a question whether aliens really exist? If yes, how they look like? Are they available on our planet or not? Have they visited on the earth? – These are some common questions that come in our mind.

There is numerous evidence of the existence of aliens around the world, claimed by some people and organizations. But many think that the idea of ‘Alien’ exists only for the benefit of the capitalist society. Because numerous Hollywood films, many hot news stories, series have been made through using the concept. People have lots of interests in the mystery like extraterrestrial. But one thing that makes everyone concerned at the end of the day again is alien exists at all? The question remains mysterious till today.

Scientists of NASA have announced that they have found three alien planets and they will prove the existence of Alien within the next 10 years. After the announcement, the curious people became more curious about the issue.

Is it the only universe?

The universe we can observe is governed by the same laws everywhere. We can observe a distant galaxy and see that the atoms emitting the light are just the same as the ones in the lab. But there may be physical domains that are governed by completely different laws. Some may have no gravity, or not allow for nuclear physics. Ours may not even be a typical domain.

Even in our own universe, there are only so many ways you can assemble the same atoms, so if it is large enough it is possible that there is another Earth, even another avatar you. If this were the case however, the universe would have to be bigger than the observable one by a number which to write down would require all the atoms in the universe. Rest assured if there are another you, they are a very, very long way away. They might even be making the same mistakes.

Is there life on Mars?

The Red Planet is a bit like Earth and is thought to have been covered with water at some point in its ancient history. Spaced out stargazers claim to have spotted all manner of weird things on Mars, from pyramids to alien bears.

But real scientists are no closer to discovering whether the Red Planet is actually a dead planet, or whether it once supported life. It is thought Mars has frozen over roughly 3.8 billion years ago before warming periods melted the surface and created deep valleys and canyons.

A build-up of greenhouse gases in Mars’ dense atmosphere is thought to have sparked dramatic climate cycles. Scientists believe this could be why the planet has water-carved features. Water provides the conditions needed for life – so there could have been living organisms on Mars billions of years ago.

Are aliens trying to contact us?

Scientists have received number of strange signals from distant stars in recent years. Whilst most of them probably come from natural sources, some signals may have been sent by aliens.

Last year, astronomers Ermanno F. Borra and Eric Trottier published a paper with the title "Signals probably from Extraterrestrial Intelligence" detailing the discovery of 234 signals.

The duo wrote:  "We consider the possibility, predicted in a previously published paper, that the signals are caused by light pulses generated by Extraterrestrial Intelligence to make us aware of their existence."

Sadly, we're no closer to working out what aliens are trying to say- or whether they were actually saying anything at all.

Are we aliens?

Scientists believe life might have begun on Mars and then “contaminated” our own planet. Its believed life had a better chance of getting started on the now arid planet in ancient times because it used to have the right conditions for alien life- like water and a possible atmosphere.

They think that an asteroid collision caused by space rocks in our solar system smashing into each other might have caused a chunk of life from Mars to land on Earth.

Astronomer Caleb Sharf told, “We can find pieces of Mars here on Earth and we suspect that there are pieces of Earth on Mars.

Are there any inhabitable planets near Earth?

Stargazers have already spotted several “exoplanets” which is the name given to planets outside our own solar system. Since its launch in 2009, NASA’s planet-finding Kepler Spacecraft has discovered more than 4000 exoplanet candidates.

Of these, there have been 216 Earth-like located within the Goldilocks Zone, the region around a star in which the surface temperature of an orbiting planet might support water.

The problem is that while most of these Earth-like planets are habitable, they are located thousands of light-years away, which means they are out of our reach.

However, astronomers recently found a “second Earth” capable of supporting life.

They also found a world orbiting a nearby star 14 light-years away, which may have an atmosphere that can support life.

Some see evidence that 'aliens' have visited!

Somewhere around half the people in the U.S. believe that aliens have already visited us. To back their claims, witnesses have presented snapshots of flying saucers and debris from crash landings.

None of the evidence, however, convinces Shostak nor does he buy into theories that the world's governments are coordinated and efficient enough to collectively keep what would be the world's biggest secret. "That's hard for me to believe," he says. Such doubt does little to stop the tide of tourists coming to places such as Roswell, N.M., the site of a purported UFO crash more than 60 years ago. This fake alien at a museum is a commonly photographed attraction.