Differences between official and unofficial smartphones  ...

Dhaka, Tuesday   27 October 2020

Differences between official and unofficial smartphones  

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 Published: 08:32 PM, 19 September 2020  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

It is simply happens for anyone when buying a smartphone, two things come to the minds - official or unofficial? Then everyone has to fall into hesitation in that case as the price of the smartphone makes it to happen. 

The price of unofficial phones is always relatively low than the official. If you have no idea about this, then the possibility of cheating also exist. 

The smartphone market in Bangladesh is currently dominated by domestic and foreign companies. Numerous companies from different countries are bringing their innumerable new model smartphones. But there are some smartphones in it, which enter the country after paying taxes to the government. The IMEI numbers of these phones are stored in the government database as by these numbers anyone will be benefited in future if any problem happen. 

Meanwhile, unofficial phones are such ones that enter the country by evading taxes from the government. As a result, their IMEI numbers are not stored in the government database. If you buy such a phone, you may face problems in the near future. 

There is no separate charge for phone servicing during the warranty period of your device. However, in the case of unofficial phones, you will not get this facility. In addition, if the unofficial phone is lost, the owner will have to face troubles to find the phone. 

However, someone can not identify the real or fake one through official and unofficial phones. Unofficial phones can be branded phones, however, they naturally enter the country by evading taxes from the government. Since there is no need to pay taxes for the government, these devices are available at a discount of tk one to three thousand. As a conscious citizen one should not buy these products.