Dhaka’s air quality significantly improves in lockdown...

Dhaka, Monday   20 September 2021

Dhaka’s air quality significantly improves in lockdown

 Staff Correspondent daily-bangladesh.com

 Published: 04:33 PM, 27 July 2021  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Due to the ongoing lockdown to tackle coronavirus, the air quality in Dhaka has improved significantly due to the closure of public and private development activities, transportation and factories. Dhaka, known as the top city in terms of pollution, is now not even among the top 20 most polluted cities.

“Dhaka is ranked 24th” on the list of polluted cities – which has an air value index of 78, reports Air Visual, a US-based watchdog, on Tuesday. 

Earlier, the air quality index in Dhaka was below 50 two days after Eid – where normally this index is more than 200 on average.

According to environmentalists, the air quality in and around Dhaka depends on airflow, rainfall, pollution from factories and other places including public transport. Currently, the air quality in Dhaka has improved a lot due to the closure of various factories and public transport.

The top five most polluted cities on Air Visual’s website on Tuesday include Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Lima in Peru, Kabul in Afghanistan, New York City in the United States and Jakarta in Indonesia.

Dubai, the world’s most polluted city amid the Covid-19 pandemic, has an air value of 187. However, the air quality index of Dhaka was close to 300 earlier.