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Dhaka, Saturday 19 Jan, 2019

Devastating condition of Chougachha cluster village

Chougachha (Jashore) CorrespondentDaily-Bangladesh.com
Photo: Daily Bangladesh

The landless residents of the rehabilitation camps of the Chougachha cluster village in Jashore are not in a good condition. The floor of the village houses, fences, tin roofs, and poles are breaking down. Residents are moving away as the houses have become too unsuitable to live.

In 2007, the villages were built on government land for the rehabilitation purpose of the landless and helpless families. According to the concerned authorities, the villages were allocated to about 350 families. Due to the lack of reformation, the houses have become unsuitable for the residents to stay there.

The residents of the villages are begging, becoming domestic servant or day laboring on other’s land to meet hunger.

In total, 60 landless families were allocated to the village of Hayatpur group of Patibila Union. Among these, 60 of 40 families have gone elsewhere. Currently, 80 people from 20 families are living in these cluster villages.

22 of the 40 rehabilitated families in Jatrapur's housing project have moved away. The plasters of the floor of the rooms are spoiled. Tin of the walls is rusted and fallen. They lack pure drinking water and health-related sanitation.

On this case, residents of the Hayatpur housing project Shahazan Ali, Sarojan Bibi, Abdul Gafur, Amzad Hossain, Iqbal Hossain, and many others said that the fences, roof, floors, and poles have been broken down. In the absence of reform, we are living with the children at risk and in an unhealthy environment. We informed Nargis Parvin, the former executive officer regarding our problems but no benefit was done.

President of the Hayatpur Housing Project Faruk Hossain said, “The social security programs announced by the current government, the elderly benefits, widow allowance, husbands leave allowance, disability allowance, and Tk 10 per kg ration card also could not add to their fate.”

UNO Maruful Alam said in this regard that the government has arranged houses to live. Currently, the government is not issuing any budget for this project. But other government grants will take action to solve their problems.


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