Depression sunken Pari now star ‘Smilemaker’; Story of Happiness...

Dhaka, Thursday   26 November 2020

Depression sunken Pari now a ‘Smilemaker’; Unknown story of Happiness   

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 Published: 09:47 PM, 4 October 2020   Updated: 06:22 PM, 5 October 2020

Pari Rukh Al Matin

Pari Rukh Al Matin

Pari Rukh Al Matin popularly known as Pari appears in front of the netizens with a smile on her face when the whole world is surrounded by panic and despair. In addition to spreading that smile, she also tried to make people aware of one by one. Of course, she herself was depressed, making one video after another and putting a smile on the face. We are talking about 'Unofficial Commonsense’ by Pari Rukh Al Matin.

Pari is a legal officer in the profession. Also, she is working as a radio jockey. Not only that, she is also an entrepreneur. Even after so many things, she gives time through social media. As soon as she released a video, it spread to millions of people. This is love for Pari.

From the beginning of 'Unofficial Commonsense’ by Pari Rukh Al Matin has recently talked to Daily Bangladesh about various issues including current issues. Today we highlight her story of being a happy people from deed depression for the DailyBangladesh readers-

We want to know the story of the beginning of 'Unofficial Commons by Pari? For what purpose was the page actually launched?

Pari Rukh Al Matin: To tell the story of the beginning, I would say, start in a hurry. The page is opened in an attempt to get myself out of depression. I opened this page for those who think like me as well as my own thoughts.

Each of your videos reveals different problems or events. How closely are these events involved with you?

Pari Rukh Al Matin: Much of what I say in each of my videos is deeply involved with most people. It can tell my idea. Maybe that’s why people watched my videos and my acquaintance grew.


Many times Pari shares her joy with the helpless people. Photo: Collected

Many people enjoy watching your videos. Again, many people think that there is a lot to learn. But how much help have you received from people close to you?


Pari Rukh Al Matin: Content creation is very new in this country. Many are not accustomed to seeing girls like this. I got help from close friends in the beginning. But my family is a little conservative; So at first I faced a little adversity. But when I saw that I was getting acceptance from most of the people, I got a lot of inspiration from the people close to me. My mother, father, sister and brother have all given me a lot of backing. The matter is quite pleasing. And now many people often contact me in the inbox about their thoughts or depression. I try to read them carefully. I think there is a dearth of people for talking or listening in the busy crowd these days. And I have been able to be that person to many. I personally think of this as a great achievement.

As far as I heard, you read a lot of books. How much does content help you build content?


Pari Rukh Al Matin: I was a bookworm until college. In addition to making videos, I have a full-time corporate job as a legal officer, also I have been working as a radio jockey for five years, and have my own business. So do not have enough time to read book now. But try to read. I think reading books is the food of the mind. The mind is good, everything is good. Moreover, a lot of things are known from books, it also grows knowledge. And increasing the scope of knowledge means that it has an effect on everything. And not exceptional in my content creations as well.


Who is your favorite author?

Pari Rukh Al Matin: My favorite author is Humayun Ahmed. I have been fascinated by the magic of words many times in my life after reading each of his books.


If possible, which character in a book would you like to be?

Pari Rukh Al Matin: Rupa.


What do you do when you become upset?

Pari Rukh Al Matin: When I 'm upset, I keep myself busy. And for content creators, being upset often works as a blessing. Then, it helps to grow creativity. The videos I made out of frustration are the ones that got the most familiarity.


People's expectations of you are constantly increasing. Many people want you to upload videos every day. Does it increase the pressure of responsibility?

Pari Rukh Al Matin: I will not say the pressure of responsibility; you can say the pressure of love. But I try not to do anything under pressure. The video page is opened to lighten the mind. So I try not to think that the pressure is increasing.

You've been making videos for a long time; We want to know any interesting experience with these videos.

Pari Rukh Al Matin: Nah; In fact, there are no such interesting facts. I think it would be nice to be able to say something!


Say something for those who want to be content creators?

Pari Rukh Al Matin: In fact, I still don't think of myself as something so big. So I think I have not yet become someone to give advice. But I will say this for the purpose of everyone, to do whatever it feels good to do. But keep three questions in mind.

1. Am I hurting myself?

2. Am I hurting someone else?

3. Am I doing the wrong thing?

If the answer to these three questions is 'no', then I would encourage everyone to do that.