Alexa Dengue spreads over sex!

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Dengue spreads over sex!

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 Published: 05:03 PM, 10 November 2019  

Photo: Jakarta Post

Photo: Jakarta Post

Experts have found that dengue can be transmitted through sex, not only AIDS.

On Sunday, The Jakarta Post reported that Spain's health experts had found evidence of this on Friday.

It has long been believed that dengue spreads only through mosquitoes. But those experts in Spain for the first time have identified the problem of dengue spreading through human sex.

Spanish public health department official Susuna Jimenez said a 41-year-old person was suffering from dengue in Madrid due to sexual intercourse with his male partner. His male partner was carrying a dengue virus during his visit to Cuba. After examining their sperm, the matter was detected.

She added that the virus that was recently diagnosed with the dengue virus in Cuba is similar to the virus found in his body.