Democrat’s Raphael triumphs Georgia...

Dhaka, Friday   22 January 2021

Democrat’s Raphael triumphs Georgia

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 Published: 03:53 PM, 6 January 2021  

Democratic candidate Reverend Raphael Warnock won the Georgia seat on Wednesday; Photo: Collected

Democratic candidate Reverend Raphael Warnock won the Georgia seat on Wednesday; Photo: Collected

The Democratic candidate has won one of the two seats in the upper house of Congress, the Senate in the US state of Georgia.

Democrat Reverend Raphael Warnock won the Senate seat on Wednesday, AFP reported. 

Black pastor Warnock defeated Republican candidate, Senator Kelly Loeffler, by a narrow margin.

Republican candidate David Perdue and Democratic candidate documentary filmmaker John Ossoff are vying for another Senate seat.

Which party is going to control the Senate in the first two years of Biden’s term will be known through the Senate elections in Georgia. The presidential election in the state in November last year was also a bitter battle between the two parties.

At the time, Edison, a post-booth survey think tank, found that half of the more than 5,200 voters voted for the country’s president and Republican candidate, Donald Trump. The rest voted for his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

Voters were still skeptical about which party should control the Senate.

Democrats must win those two seats in Georgia to take control of the Senate. If the Democrats win, both parties will have the same number of members in the Senate (50-50).

So if that is the case - Kamala will have to take a tie-breaking vote after Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris officially take over the White House on January 20.

On the other hand, if the Republicans take control of the Senate by winning the Georgia Senate election, they will be able to veto Biden’s political and judicial appointments. They will also have the power to veto Biden’s decisions on economic issues, climate change, healthcare and criminal law.

The lower house of Congress, the House of Representatives, is now occupied by Democrats. However, their numbers are not much higher than the Republicans.