Delightful 2nd day of Dhaka Int’l Folk fest today...

Dhaka, Saturday   26 September 2020

Delightful 2nd day of Dhaka Int’l Folk fest today

 Entertainment Correspondent

 Published: 01:26 PM, 15 November 2019   Updated: 01:54 PM, 15 November 2019



Dhaka International Folk Fest began with the dance show of Prema and Bhabna. On the first day, the fest pomped up with the folk song of Bangladesh, India and Georgia. The festive arena became immersive in the presence of listeners with the charming tunes of the country and abroad. In this way, the event became shining on the day of commencement.

A three-day Dhaka International Folk Fest has begun at Bangladesh Army Stadium on Thursday to spread the tune of Bengali folk music in the world arena. The festival will run till Saturday. The audience will enjoy the event every day from 6:00 pm to 12:00 pm.

Friday marks the second day of the biggest folk song festival in South Asia, organized by the Sun Foundation for the fifth time. Today the audience will also be immersed in the richness of the tune. 

On the 2nd day of the folk fest, artist Malek Kawal, Fakir Shahabuddin, Kamruzzaman Rabbi and Shafiqul Islam of Magic Bauliana will perform. In addition, listeners will hear the songs of Pakistan’s Hina Nasrullah and Mali’s Habib Koité & Bamada.   

Here is a brief introduction of today’s artists: 

Malek Kawal

Malek Kawal has been practicing Qawwali songs for more than 4 decades now. He started his musical lessons from his Guru Mohin Kawal, later from Ostad Tunu Kawal. He is an expert in Qawwali music along with Maijvandari songs. He wants to spread the melody of Qawwali music to everyone.

Fakir Shahabuddin 

Bangla folk music is blessed to have an artist like Fakir Shahabuddin. He sings Baul & Sufi songs. The protégée of Shah Abdul Karim, Fakir Shahabuddin is bestowing Bangla folk music for more than three decades with his enchanting singing. He is a true jewel of Bangla folk music, who has been researching and collecting Baul songs for years now. This lyricist, musician and music researcher has collected forty to forty-five thousand Baul songs from remotest villages of Bangladesh and archived them. He has worked in 7 single and few mixed albums Fakir Shahabuddin wants to spread Bangla folk music across the globe.

Kamruzzaman Rabbi  

The young talent Kamruzzaman Rabbi is a dedicated folk singer. While learning Dotara from his uncle Abdul Jolil, he developed his keen for Bangla folk music and decided to pursue it. He got his major break at the only TV reality show of Folk music ‘Bauliana’ organized by Sun Foundation back in 2016. He was the fourth runners-up of the musical talent show. Rabbi performs genres like Palli Geeti, Loko Geeti, Lalon Geeti and so on. He is an enlisted folk singer and Dotara player on Bangladesh Television and Bangladesh Betar.  

Shafikul Islam 

Shafikul Islam is a rare gem of Bangla folk music. He is the 1st runner-up of ‘Bauliana’ 2016 organized by Sun Foundation. At such a young age, he has already captured the heart of millions with his musical talent. From Mymensingh’s audition round to becoming the top contender of the TV reality show made his musical journey worthwhile. He has been performing in different shows and festivals since then and spreading his love for folk music. 

Hina Nasrullah

Hina Nasrullah is a sound of tranquility and transcendence from Pakistan. Musical Guru Yousaf Salahuddin discovered the talented young girl with a pristine voice who sings folk and Sufi music. After that, she made her debut with a program on PTV called ‘Virsa Heritage’ and since then she has been mesmerizing music lovers from all over the globe. She sings in Urdu, Sindhi and Saraiki language and performs Sufi concerts. She is among the greatest Sufi, Ghazal and folk genres singers. The compositions of Allama Iqbal, Baba Bulleh Shah, Baba Sheikh Farid, Alam Lohar, Sachal Sarmast, the Sufi mystic from Sindh, Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai gets new definition with her singing. She has been a blessing to the sphere of music and her voice has crossed the boundaries of border. Hina Nasrullah is a rising jewel of Sufi music and she keeps spawning her euphony to the audience.

Habib Koité & Bamada

Habib Koité hardly needs an introduction. He is the most popular and recognized folk musician of Mali. In the mid-90s, he made to number three on the European World Music Charts for his first album ‘Muso Ko’. He inherited his passion for music from his family, developed a unique guitar style from his Griot mother. The perfectionist Habib Koité draws on styles from the different regions of Mali by integrating rock and folk sounds of the Western world without toning down his Malian roots and music. His band Bamada released five CDs. Habib Koité & Bamada have performed more than 1700 shows since 1994 and that is one of the keys to their success.  He along with his band appeared on some of the world’s most prestigious concert stages worldwide.

Chandana Majumdar 

The admirer of Lalon, Chandana Majumdar is one of the eminent folk singers of Bangladesh. Listeners find solace in the singing of this winner of the 'Bangladesh National Film Award'. She was raised in a musical family in Kushtia. Her father Nirmal Chandra Majumdar steered her journey towards music.  She performs songs of Radharomon, Hasonraja and Shah Abdul Karim. Chandana takes inspiration from Nina Hamid, Firdausi Rahman, Rathindranath Roy, Indra Mohan Rajbongshi, Farida Parveen and Kiran Chandra Roy.

Kajol Dewan 

Kajol Dewan is a treasure of Bangla folk songs. He binds the audience with his enchanting performance and singing. He was raised in a musical family, where the ambiance of melody embedded in his way of living. Holding his father Matal Kobi Abdur Rajjak Dewan’s hand, he stepped into the sphere of folk music. He has released more than 300 audio albums. He has been performing Palagan and Baul songs all over the country.