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Dhaka, Thursday   04 June 2020

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Delhir Akhra in Kishoreganj

 Travel Correspondent

 Published: 03:13 PM, 28 February 2020  

Natural beauties around Delhir Akhra

Natural beauties around Delhir Akhra

After hearing the name of the place Delhir Akhra, you might think it is a place or an establishment in India. Originally it is a Mughal establishment in Kishoreganj. It is also unique in terms of natural beauty. The silence of the beauty of Delhir Akhra is covered with the noise of birds.

The Akhra is located at ​​Kathkha Union area of ​​ Mithamain Upazila. It is learned that during the reign of Emperor Jahangir of Delhi, spiritual saint Narayan Goswami erected this Akhra. Inside the house, there is a temple, a guest house, a Pakshala (Kitchen), a house of Vaishnava, and the tomb of Narayan Goswami and his disciple a saint Gangaram Goswami.

There are huge open spaces in the center of Delhir Khara. There are about 3,000 hijle trees all around the Akhra. The ancient arena and the hijale tress have made a spectacular beauty in the Haor – which could attract everyone. There are wonderful stories about these hijle trees like each of these trees were a monster! Narayan Goswami converted monsters into hijle trees.

Delhir Akhra

There are many myths about the place. One of these - about 400 years ago - a cargo boat sent by the Emperor of Delhi sank with goods. Even one died of snake bite. Upon hearing of this, Ramakrishna Goswami, the Guru of nearby Bithangal Akhra, sent his disciple Narayan Goswami to the place. For seven days, he encountered mysterious powers here. He also rescued the sinking boat of the emperor.

The heavenly beautiful place is located in Lakshmir Baor area of ​​Katkhal in Mithamain upazila of Kishoreganj district. From Kishoreganj you can go there; Can go again from Habiganj. The best time to visit Delhir Akhra is the rainy season. Wherever you go from Habiganj or Kishoreganj, it will take the time same almost.