Deathtrap Bridge in Sunamganj

Dhaka, Saturday   25 May 2019

Deathtrap Bridge in Sunamganj

 Sunamganj Correspondent

 Published: 04:50 PM, 30 November 2018   Updated: 04:50 PM, 30 November 2018



A bailey bridge of Dirai-Jamalganj road on the Surma River in Sunamganj has become a deathtrap.

Sources said, thousands of people of Dirai, Shalla, Jamalganj of Sunamganj district have been facing uncountable miseries for months, as the bridge is only the means to the divisional city Sylhet as well as to Dhaka. Everyone has to pass the bridge with life risk; there is no one to see the sufferings unluckily.

It’s found that, in some places, large parts of steel have dropped. Frequent accidents occur there every day. The passengers are being suffered of bus trapping regularly.

On the other hand, in the west bank of the bridge, there Sylhet- Sunamganj regional Highways, Dirai Road point, South Sunamganj thana, and Upazila parishad; while lots of markets, schools-colleges- madrasahs, and other public institutions are situated in the east bank of the bridge.

Business men of Noakhali Bazar, Patharia, Dirai, Shalla, and Jamalganj of the district informed, being older, bringing goods trucks on the bridge is facing too much problem. Because the bridge is risky, the goods are to be taken by waterways instead of road. So traders have to count lots of loses in it. They said, “We couldn’t receive any profit selling those goods. If the bridge is not repaired soon, it will collapse at any time. This can lead to the major accidents, including breaking traffic movement.”

Locals demand early repair of the bridge.

“Sometime iron filings of the bridge get cracked, knowing this I have sent the engineers. We have made some arrangements for transportation. The risky bridge will be repaired within a few days,” said Sunamganj district executive engineer Shafiqul Islam, regarding this matter.