Death toll in UK could hit 85,000 in second wave...

Dhaka, Tuesday   24 November 2020


Death toll in UK could hit 85,000 in second wave, warns SAGE report

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 Published: 07:03 PM, 29 October 2020  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

The Scientific Advisory Board for Emergencies (SAGE) warned that coronavirus second wave could see an extra 85,000 people die and 100,000 infected daily in Britain.

Such a warning comes after a study by Imperial College London based on random swab testing between October 16 to 25 estimated close to a million people in Britain have the virus in any one day.

The warning recommended tightening restrictions to prevent people from mixing outside of their households and urged Downing Street to take drastic action to bring down the rate.

The document also claimed that deaths would reach around 800 a day in late February in England.

Meanwhile, a different study conducted by Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance predicted that over 120,000 fatalities during the winter.

However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson resisted nonstop pressure to entire lockdown the country. Chancellor Rishi Sunak has warned about the further detrimental impact on the economy.

The most important thing is that people must remember how crucial social distancing is to stopping the increase of this virus and following all the local rules in their area.

In comparison, a total of 9,199 coronavirus patients were in the hospital on Tuesday while the country saw its highest daily death toll with 367 fatalities since May 27.