Death in police custody: CCTV footage finds initial truth...

Dhaka, Thursday   29 October 2020

Death in police custody: CCTV footage finds initial truth

 Sylhet Correspondent

 Published: 08:49 PM, 14 October 2020  

Death in police custody: CCTV footage finds initial truth

Death in police custody: CCTV footage finds initial truth

Raihan Uddin was killed in police torture at Bandarbazar police outpost in Sylhet staying around 3 hours. Deputy commissioner Azbahar Ali, chief of investigation committee, informed it on the basis of SMP formed primary investigation committee.

Six policemen have acknowledged by force seeing the CCTV footage of SP resident near Bandarbazar police outpost. As eyewitnesses' information matching with six policemen, primarily the investigation committee has ensured about torture.

Seeing on CCTV footage, Azbahar Ali Sheikh said, two CNGs stopped before Bandarbazar police outpost at 3 hours 9 minutes 20 seconds on Saturday night. Then Raihan, wearing handcuff got down from CNG with three policemen. This time police took him to police outpost normally. On next Sunday morning, Raihan was got into CNG through mass of the neck with two policemen in a dying state. Then, his family found him as a dead body at M.A.G Osmani Medical College Hospital in Sylhet.

Deputy Commissioner Mr. Azbahar Ali said, "Raihan was detained at Kostagor area of the city at around 2: 38 on Saturday night." He added, " It was collected the CCTV footage of that area and no clues haven't been found that Raihan has been given mass beating."

Relatives accused, Raihan was killed by torture in police custody for not getting Tk10, 000 but police claim that he was killed at Kastogor area of the city by mass beating during snatching. But the local councilor says, "Nothing like this was seen in the CCTV camera footage of the area where the mass beating is being talked about."

In this incident, Raihan's wife Tahmina Akter Tanni filed a case against unknown assailants in connection with his death from torture.

It is mentioned in the case statement that Raihan goes to his workplace as a daily routine at Dr. Golam Kibria and Dr. Shanta Rani's chamber in Stadium Market of the city at 3 O’clock on last Saturday afternoon. Not coming back after 10:00pm, Raihan was called on his mobile phone but it was switched off. Then Raihan phones his mother from an unknown number around 4: 00am. He says, "He was in Bandarbazar police custody." He requests his mother to come to police custody fast to save him.

Raihan's uncle Habibullah goes to police custody around 5: 00 am. Then a policeman says, " Raihan slept and the policeman who detained him went home."  

According to police, Habibullah goes to police custody around 9.45 am. Then the duty police informed him, due to being injured, Raihan was got admitted to M.A.G Osmani Medical College Hospital. Uncle, Instant Raihan's searching in emergency department, knows that Raihan was got admitted at 6: 40 am morning and he died at 7:  50 am. That time Habibullah informs the other family members and relatives. Here they found Raihan as dead.

The plaintiff mentions in the statement, " Who or what took my husband to the Bandarbazar police outpost, kept him in police custody, hit him on the hands and feet and plucked out his fingernails. My husband died due to overnight torture at the police outpost.

When asked whether SI Akbar Hossain Bhuiyan, the officer-in-charge of the Bandarbazar police outpost, or any other policeman would be arrested, Azbahar said, the SI Baten Hasan, the investigating officer in the case, would do whatever he saw fit.