Alexa Dead declared Sudan`s defense minister imprisoned!

Dhaka, Monday   14 October 2019


Dead declared Sudan`s defense minister imprisoned!

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 Published: 01:57 PM, 5 May 2019  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Sudanese former defense minister Ibrahim Shamsadin has been found in a secluded cell recently, claims a renowned politician of that country. Although, the Sudanese government reveled that former defense minister Colonel Ibrahim died on 11 June 2008 in the plane crash earlier.

It is found in a picture spread through social media that an elderly skeletal man is looking sad in a solitary room. The picture shows all around dust on this man's white hair wearing a wretched lungi. He looks helplessly toward the camera.

The politician's claim was that this prisoner is Sudan's former defense minister Ibrahim Shamsadin, who was sent to jail almost 24 years ago because of the protest of dictatorship.

The photo was taken in the dark by flushing light. This is a cave where the former cabinet seized government. As well as pictures of Ibrahim Shamsadin's sleeping status were also published. There, he is lying on the sand keeping the head on a piece of wood.

It is known that in 1995, the then Defense Minister Ibrahim Shamsadin was sent to jail by the dictator of the Sudan, Omar al-Bashir, in protest of his illegal rule. Not only had that, in 2008, the government of Sudan announced that state's former defense minister Ibrahim Shamsadin had died in the plane crash. While African media published photos of Ibrahim Shamsadin's current situation as well his minister status.

But the facts are actually what is true. Has the former Defense Minister really died? Or recently he was found in a solitary house in captivity. Originally the debate started in the midst of a post from a Nigerian politician's Twitter account, called Femmy Fenny-Kyoyd.