Alexa Day laborer Dalip Singh became ‘Great Khali’

Dhaka, Monday   16 September 2019


Day laborer Dalip Singh became ‘Great Khali’

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 Published: 06:30 PM, 18 August 2019  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

The story about a man named Dalip Singh Rana, once upon a time, he was a laborer earning Rs 5 a day, who has become The Great Khali later.  The son of a poor family, Dalip Singh has just become 'The Great Khali' through his labor. The book “The Man Who Became Khali” contains his success story.

The journey of Khali started from a small village called Dhiraina in Himachal Pradesh, India. Growing up in a financially unsound family along with six siblings was never easy for him.

The whole world recognizes him as Khali but his real name is Dalip Singh Rana. The Dalip from the small village of Himachal is the first Indian wrestler to take part in WWE.

But even in his childhood, there were days when his family could not afford to pay Rs 2.50 for his school fees.

“It was the summer of 1979; the monsoon was awaited and there wasn’t any money left for the fees since the crops had dried out. Almost a month had passed since I moved to class II and the principal was accosting me on a daily basis for not paying the school fees. Then one day, my class teacher abused me in front of the entire class. The other students sneered at me and made fun of me,” wrote Khali in the book. In this book, he said, “I felt bad that day. Schoolmates also began to laugh.”

He had to drop out of school and take up a plantation job available in the village to earn Rs 5 a day at the tender age of eight. Even though he went through all the troubles at such a young age, his determination never failed.

In addition to the day labor, Khali also assisted in the cultivation of his father. The earning amount of Rs 5 a day was a big capital for the eight-year-old child Khali.

At childhood time, he suffered from a rare disease called acromegaly. From then his face began to change. The specialty of this disease is that the shape of the body is huge, the face is elongated.

However, Khali got benefit from that disease. For a wider look, he got a security guard job in Shimla. He was caught in the eyes of a police officer while doing that. He joined the Punjab Police in 1993.

Khali’s aimed to be a wrestler, not a policeman. So Khali joined the gym after reaching Jalandhar and prepare himself as a wrestler. He became Mr. India twice in two consecutive years, in 1997 and 1998.

After that Khali called from the United States for a special wrestling training. He became the first professional wrestler to be named 'Giant Lion' at All Pro Wrestling.

In 2006 he signed with WWE as the first Indian professional wrestler. He became the WWE Champion in the World Heavyweight Division in 2007. Currently, the salary from the WWE is about Tk 7 crore a year. Receive a bonus of Tk 2 crore and 14 lakh along with the brand endorsement of Tk 18 lakh.