Alexa Cyclone hit ‘Sundarbans’

Dhaka, Sunday   17 November 2019


Cyclone hit ‘Sundarbans’

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 11:03 PM, 9 November 2019   Updated: 11:03 PM, 9 November 2019

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File Photo

The dreadful cyclone ‘Bulbul’ has started to tumble on the Indian coast and nozzle the parts of Sundarbans, in Satkhira, Khulna and Bagerhat areas in Bangladesh.

Until the latest report was written, the nozzle of the Cyclone Bulbul is dominating the Sundarbans Bangabandhu Island, Hiron Point, Dublarchar, Meher Alir Char, Officekilla, Majher Char, Alorkol, Maraner Char while the sea height increases up to four to five meters. The severity of the storm is gradually increasing over time. The gusty winds are blowing around the area.

The operator of the Cyclone Preparation Program (CPP) Dhublar Char VHF Station, Md. Kashem said, more than 6,000 fishermen had taken shelter at the five outworn shelter centers, which were built 22 years ago in Alorkol, Meher Alir Char, Majherkella, Officekilla and Shelarchar in the temporary Shutki Palli area of ​​Dubalachar under the east Bagherhat unit.

Because of having no enough space in these shelters, thousands of fishermen from the sea have taken shelter in small canals due to the storm. Mobiles-contact with the fishermen who have taken shelter in the Sundarbans canal is not possible due to the increase of intensity of the storm.