Alexa Cyclone ‘Fani’ in India: Death toll rises to 1  

Dhaka, Monday   14 October 2019


Cyclone ‘Fani’ in India: Death toll rises to 10  

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 Published: 10:22 AM, 4 May 2019   Updated: 12:45 PM, 4 May 2019



Death toll rises to ten in Odisha as severe cyclonic storm ‘Fani’ unleashing a trail of destruction on its way, made landfall in West Bengal post-midnight on Saturday.--reports Indian news Zee News.    

Among the dead, two in Kendrapara (Rajnagar), two in Puri (Sakhigopal), two in Nayagarh (Dashapalla), two in Mayurbhanj, two in Jajpur.

The weakened cyclonic storm, which has now been now downgraded to ‘severe cyclonic storm’, has crossed India’s Kharagpur and is currently located over Satkhira, Jashore and Khulna region and adjoining area at 6:00 am on Saturday with a wind speed within 54 kms of the storm center is about 62 kph rising to 88 kph in gusts or squalls.

Earlier on Friday morning, the cyclonic storm ‘Fani’ struck Puri area of Odisha in India. During the strike, the speed of the cyclone was 210 kph.   

A large number of landslides and tidal waves were created in the state of Odisha due to the ‘Fani’. About 150 people were injured. Later, the cyclone struck West Bengal. Severed storms-rains occurred in Kolkata and adjacent areas.

In the meantime, the cyclone ‘Fani’ is started hitting Jashore, Satkhira, Khulna, Meherpur, Rajshahi, Chuadanga, Jhenaidah and Shailkupa including the coastal areas of Bangladesh. Due to this, heavy rains including wind storms are happening in those areas. As the speed of Fani decreases, the wind speed is now 140-160 kilometers. 

However, it is expected that the speed of ‘Fani’ will be reduced more while striking in Bangladesh. In that case, it will become weak and turns into ‘general storm’ and will hit the coastal areas of Bangladesh. 

Warning already issued on the coast including danger signals. Mongla and Payra have been advised to keep hoisted the signal no 7, signal no 6 in Chattogram, and signal 4 in Cox’s Bazar. 

Meanwhile, preparations have been taken to tackle the possible damage. People of the distressed areas are being moved to the shelter center. 

The 24-hour control rooms have opened in 19 coastal districts, about 56,000 volunteers have been prepared at the danger zone of the cyclone. 

The weather office has been advised to stay safe place till further notice.