Alexa Cyclone `Bulbul` heads to Bangladesh

Dhaka, Sunday   17 November 2019


Cyclone `Bulbul` heads to Bangladesh

All vessels instructed for safe shelter

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 10:06 AM, 8 November 2019   Updated: 10:10 AM, 8 November 2019

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The cyclone 'Bulbul' in the Bay of Bengal has become more and more powerful. For this reason, all vessels of the North Bay have been ordered to take safe shelter.

For the same reason, Chattogram, Cox's Bazar, Mongla and Paira seaports have been asked to show the number three warning signal. The weather forecast was announced on Thursday.

Meteorologists said that ‘bulbul’ is moving in the East-Bay of Bengal and adjoining West-Central Bay of Bengal intensified in the form of cyclones. On Thursday at 9 pm, it was staying at 795 km south-west of Cox's Bazar, 735 km south-west of Mongla seaport and 705-km south of Paira-seaport. It can be intensified and move north-northwest. The influence of the front of a severe thunderstorm can cause strong winds/storms to blow into the seaports, northern Bay of Bengal and coastal areas of Bangladesh.

Within 64 kilometers of the center of a strong cyclone, the maximum speed of the wind is 90 km per hour, increasing up to 100 km in the form of a gust of windstorm. That's why the sea is uphill. The vessels, which are located in the North Bay, have been advised to stay close to the coast, not to the deep sea.

However, the weatherman is yet to confirm whether the cyclone will hit a region. However, no matter where it hits, they think the cyclone bulbul might not be as scary as the mighty cyclone ‘Sidr’.