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Crispy Papor

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 Published: 06:18 PM, 23 October 2019  

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Who doesn’t have any sweet memory in childhood time with papor? We see papor in any stall or fair. Not only the children like it, but elders are also like it. Papor making is very easy and even we can make it in our home. Let’s find out the recipe-


2 cups of flour, 2 cups of the basin, the standard amount of oil, black cumin 1 tablespoons, baking soda has taken slightly, half a teaspoon of pepper, salt to taste, and lightly the color of the food.


First, take a large container of flour and mix it with salt, black cumin, soda, basil, and food coloring. Mix well and make the mixture. Then take water in a container and put it in the oven. When the water is boiling, place a steel plate on the container, then a tablespoon mixture gives into the plate and turns around the plate like a circle. After the papor boiled in steam for some time, store it dry on the sun.

When you feel to eat papor, fry it in the oil. After that sprinkle a bit of salt on papor and serve.