Cracks in Ctg flyover a ‘rumor’: CDA...

Dhaka, Tuesday   30 November 2021

Cracks in Ctg flyover a ‘rumor’: CDA

 Chattogram Correspondent

 Published: 02:29 PM, 27 October 2021   Updated: 02:29 PM, 27 October 2021

Cracks in the pillars of the flyover

Cracks in the pillars of the flyover

There were no “cracks” in the pillars of the flyover, said Mahfuzur Rahman, executive engineer of the Chattogram Development Authority (CDA) and director of the Elevated Expressway project, described this as a “stain of foam” used in the casting charter.  

“The matter is just a rumor,” Mahfuzur Rahman mentioned.

Mahfuzur Rahman said cracks never appear in the pillars on both sides, it appears all around. Heavy vehicles could result in cracks, however, there were no incidents of cracks. “The matter is just a rumor,” he also said.

However, today, the expert engineers of DPM, a consulting firm involved in the construction of the ramp, will inspect the flyover on the spot and give necessary advice, said CDA executive engineer Mahfuzur Rahman. “Necessary steps will be taken as per their advice.”

He added that the ramp, believed to carry a maximum weight of 30-40 tons of vehicles, was built after the original design of the flyover. Therefore, “barriers were provided” to prevent heavy vehicles from getting on the ramp, but that barrier has been opened. 100 tons of vehicles with goods are also plying on the flyover. This can lead to some problems.

Referring to the installation of barriers on an emergency basis, the executive engineer said “the ramp needs to be earmarked for small vehicles only”. 

Earlier, when the matter of cracks was noticed, the police stopped the traffic on the flyover by barricading in the new Chandgaon residential area in Chattogram city around 10:30 pm on Monday. CDA constructed the flyover at a cost of Tk 106 crore. 

Noted that 14 people were killed when the girder of the flyover was collapsed on November 24, 2012.