Country’s 1st digital roadcross in Mirpur for pedestrians’ safety...

Dhaka, Tuesday   24 November 2020

Country’s first digital road cross in Mirpur for pedestrians’ safety

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 03:02 PM, 3 October 2020  

Digital road crosses have been installed on the roads of Mirpur; Photo: Collected

Digital road crosses have been installed on the roads of Mirpur; Photo: Collected

Pedestrians can be seen crossing every road recklessly in the capital. Although some are using the zebra crossing, they often rushed to the front of the car. Thus, every year innumerable people are injured and killed in accidents. So digital road crosses have been set up on the roads of Mirpur for pedestrians to cross safely.

The road crossing system installed at Mirpur-2 with such advanced technology that has not been seen anywhere in the country before. This new technology is installed in the street in front of Dhaka Commerce College in Mirpur.

The specialty of Digital Road Cross – if a pedestrian presses a certain switch to cross the road, the traffic pillar will rise from below. This pillar will block the road, as a result, the vehicle will stop. This pillar will automatically go down again after crossing the road.

Nazmul Haque, a resident of Mirpur, said hundreds of people crossed the road in front of the Dhaka Commerce College every day, raising their hands and signaling to stop the car. “As a result of this new technology, we will be able to cross the road with much ease,” he added.

Digital road cross on the road in front of Dhaka Commerce College; Photo: Collected

The use of this technology in the whole city of Dhaka is the time demands. Pedestrians are praising the authorities for installing such a digital road cross for the first time.

Earlier, a preventive device was installed in Dhaka to prevent the movement of vehicles in the opposite direction. But within a few days, when the device became unusable, the traffic police removed it. The special feature of that device is that whenever a vehicle passes in the opposite direction of the road, the thorns attached to the resistor device get stuck in the wheel of the vehicle.