Corruption allegations against Rangpur railway Station Super...

Dhaka, Monday   01 March 2021

Corruption allegations against Rangpur railway Station Superintendent

 Rangpur Correspondent

 Published: 05:10 PM, 17 February 2021  

Rangpur Railway Station Superintendent (SS) Dewan Nizam Uddin

Rangpur Railway Station Superintendent (SS) Dewan Nizam Uddin

Rangpur Railway Station Superintendent (SS) Dewan Nizam Uddin has been accused of massive irregularities and corruption.

He is accused of harassing his subordinates, indecent behavior, selling tickets on the black market, and taking bribes from traders. Victims have lodged a written complaint with the Divisional Traffic Superintendent (DTS) seeking action against him. However, the station superintendent has denied these allegations.

It is learned that Nizam Uddin joined Rangpur Railway Station on November 6 last year as the acting Station Superintendent. Since joining, he has been conducting goods booking activities on his own responsibility and embezzled a huge amount of money.

It has been alledged that he has earned huge money by pressuring makeshift employees in various ways. He has also been accused of checking tickets at the gate of the station platform and selling tickets himself like black marketeers.

He himself stood at the gate and checked the tickets and treated the staff badly all the time. Nizam Uddin wants commission from employees' monthly salary. A total of, 38 out of 39 officers and employees of the railway station have lodged written complaints against him.

Victim Delwar Hossain, an employee of the Station, said that Nizam Uddin has been doing irregularities since he joined the post. Due to his physical illness, he could not do heavy work, so he made the work done by others. He behaves rudely all the time with employees, Delwar alleged.

Rahul, a local youth, said Nizam Uddin often gave him tickets to sell on the black market. Saturday he gave two tickets to sell in black market. Another young man named Jahangir also alleged that he also offered to sell tickets on the black market.

Assistant Station Master Abdul Mottalib said his job is to harass the staff. He prevented any of the temporary employees from going home after working for 10 days. He does not give money receipts after checking the car.

A shopkeeper at the station said, “We have been tortured since the arrival of the new SS. A boy named Erfan came and collected Tk 50/100 from us in the name of SS. If we do not, threaten to close the shop.

Alaul Mila Lallu, general secretary of the Tank-lorry workers union adjacent to the station, said that for a long time, vehicles of various oil companies came and stopped at the railway station and the office of the workers' organization was also on the railway land. Even though no one has said anything before, SS Nizam Uddin has been demanding extortion ever since he came.

Several shopkeepers, who did not want to be named, said, "Some of us have been doing business at Rangpur railway station for 10 years, 12 years, 20 years, and some for 30/40 years. We have not faced any problem so far. He has been harassing us in various ways since joining. He also alleged not paying for cigarettes. 

Acting SS Nizam Uddin denied all the allegations against him, saying they were making such allegations as they had taken steps to stop various irregularities at the railway station and increase revenue.

Confirming the receipt of the written complaint, Divisional Traffic Superintendent (DTS) Anisur Rahman said by mobile phone that an investigation committee has been formed headed by Assistant Divisional Traffic Superintendent (ADTS) Abu Taher. Necessary steps will be taken after receiving the report of the committee.