Coronavirus reducing drugs aggression...

Dhaka, Wednesday   27 May 2020

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Coronavirus reducing drugs aggression

 Staff Correspondent

 Published: 09:37 PM, 31 March 2020  



The number of drug addicts and sellers has suddenly decreased in the capital where many are seen the coronavirus infection is the main reason behind this. According to them, despite the concerted efforts of the RAB-Police-Department of Narcotics Control, the drug aggression could not be stopped. But due to coronavirus, this deadly business has almost stopped.

50 police stations of the Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) conduct special anti-drug drives daily where many drug addicts and sellers were arrested with a large number of drugs. In addition, the Metropolitan Intelligence Police, Department of Narcotics Control and RAB, along with law enforcement personnel, regularly conducted anti-narcotics drives.

The government announced a 10-day holiday from Wednesday to tackle the outbreak of coronavirus infection in the country. Public movement and transports have restricted which has impacted many sectors of the country’s economy. Besides, this has an impact on the drug business. 

While there was an average of 50 arrests within 24 hours in the capital’s 50 police stations for drug-taking and sale and an average of 40 cases were filed – there the number reduced to fiver arrests with four cases on average in the 72 hours.    

The government announced commencing social distance programs since Wednesday to prevent coronavirus infection. All kinds of business establishments, including public and private offices, were closed except medicines and some commodities business establishments. The inter-district bus movement is restricted. Trains and launch movements have also been closed.

Khorshed Alam, assistant director of the Dhaka Metro Sub-Zone North of Department of Narcotics Control, said that no shipment of drugs from the border areas could come to Dhaka due to communications closed with different districts of the country. Besides, a large number of people left Dhaka due to a long holiday. “The law enforcers are also on high alert for the safety of the capital. For these reasons, drug aggression has been reduced,” he added.  

“Not only drugs but crimes also reduced at a significant rate,” said Salauddin Mia, officer-in-charge (OC) of Shah Ali Police Station, adding: “We are following the government’s directive on coronavirus, besides performing regular duties in the law and order maintenance.”  

Hazaribagh Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Ekram Ali said patrols have been strengthened to protect the lives of people. “For these reasons, crimes including drugs have been reduced.”

DMP’s special anti-drug drive showed that three people were arrested with 310 yaba tablets from 50 thana areas of DMP from March 28 to March 29 where only two files were lodged. Earlier, five people were arrested from March 27 to March 28 for drug offenses and sale where 60 yaba tablets and 30 grams heroin recovered and three cases were lodged.    

Before this, nine people were arrested in DMP’s anti-drug drive On March 26 with 265 yaba tablets, 2.5 gm heroin, and 110 injections where eight cases were lodged. 

On March 24-25, 38 people were arrested where 25 cases were lodged. 39 people arrested, 28 cases on March 23-24 and 46 arrested where 19 cases were lodged on March 20-21.