Coronavirus gets new name

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Coronavirus gets new name

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 Published: 12:26 PM, 9 February 2020   Updated: 12:27 PM, 9 February 2020

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The global panic coronavirus has so far killed 813 people and caused more than 35,000 infections, but the virus was not named yet.

Due to the anonymity, Chinese residents have started calling it Wuhan's virus as the place of its origin. The matter is very embarrassing for the city dweller.

In that context, China has announced a new name for Coronavirus. From now on, the virus will be called NCP, short for 'Novel Corona Virus Pneumonia'.

China's National Health Commission announced the new name at a press conference on Saturday. They also mention the reason for giving a new name.

However, they said the name was given for a temporary period. Because the name is not scientifically recognized. However, the Health Commission of China has not given any information on when the virus will be named.

It is important to note that the epidemic virus is not yet given the exact name. Although from the beginning it is referred to as coronavirus.

The virus is new and many are calling it 'Novel Corona'. In a magazine, it was named ‘2019-ncov’.

Many people are calling it the Chinese virus because it has no formal name.

But none of them is the name of the virus. Originally it is called as a member of the coronavirus family.

Virologists say coronavirus is the name of any virus that causes colds.

That's why a group of scientists is discussing the naming of the deadly virus.

They are trying to name the virus by studying the origin, characteristics and behavior.

Crystal Watson, assistant professor at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, told the BBC: “The virus's name is soon to be announced. Regarding the impact on health, the virus will be named correctly.”

Asked why the name of the virus was coronavirus, Professor Crystal Watson said, "The microscope can be seen as a crown or spike on the microscope. It seems as if there are many sticks placed on the crown. So they have been named coronavirus. '

It should be noted that from the ancient Greek word Coron, the word Corona originated in Latin in the seventeenth century. It means the flower crown. About the World Health Organization's (WHO) recommended name, 2019-ncov, he said the name is not final. And this name is not acceptable to medical scientists.

Asked why the name came up, he said the virus originated in 2019. It's new to the Coronavirus family, so it's called Novel. In all, including the originating year, N from the word novel, 'and cov from Coronavirus', has been named together – 2019-ncov.

Professor Benjamin Newman, a virologist who has been named in the matter, told the BBC: "After two weeks of discussions, they have reached a consensus on a name." The name has been submitted to a science-based journal for publication. The name of the virus will be announced within the next few days after further review. "