Coronavirus death toll surpasses 63,000...

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Coronavirus death toll surpasses 63,000

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 Published: 12:16 AM, 5 April 2020   Updated: 12:17 AM, 5 April 2020

Coronavirus death toll surpasses 63,000

Coronavirus death toll surpasses 63,000

The coronavirus pandemic has killed over 63,000 people worldwide, nearly three-quarters of them in Europe, since it emerged in China in December, according to a tally compiled by Worldometer at 12:07 am (BDT).

A total of 63,893 deaths have been recorded, including 45,132 in Europe, the continent worst hit by the virus.

The official tallies probably reflect only a fraction of the actual number of cases.

With 15,362 deaths, Italy is the country with the highest death toll, followed by Spain (11,744), the United States (8,156), France (7,560) and Britain (4,313).

Since COVID-19 first emerged, 1,180,952 cases have been declared officially in the world, with more than half of them in Europe (610,846).

There have been 300,443 in the United States and Canada (7,325 deaths between them) and 115,777 cases in Asia (4,124 deaths).