Coronavirus death toll surges 21,000...

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 Coronavirus death toll surges 21,000

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 Published: 11:12 AM, 26 March 2020   Updated: 11:15 AM, 26 March 2020

The bodies are taken for burial; Photo: Collected

The bodies are taken for burial; Photo: Collected

The death toll from the deadly coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, that was spread around the world has risen to 21,295. In the meantime, the deadly virus has spread to 197 countries and regions of the world besides China.

According to the Worldometers, a total of 114,642 patients recovered from the virus after treatment as the number of affected people are 471,417. Of them – Italy, Iran, Spain, France, US, Germany, South Korea have the highest cases. In such situation, the World Health Organization (WHO) has issued warnings globally.       

In the ongoing crisis situation, United States President Donald Trump has also issued the highest alert as the coronavirus cases in the country is increasing day by day. The WHO even declared the outbreak of the virus as ‘pandemic’ where the organization is now claiming the Europe as the ‘epicenter’ of the virus. 

The announcement made by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of WHO, as the European countries are now mostly suffering from the coronavirus and the mortality rate there is increasing daily.   

A total of 81,285 people affected from the virus only in the mainland of China, the main epicenter of the virus where the death toll now stood at 3,287. 

Italy, on the other hand, already surpassed the epicenter China as the country has highest deaths where 783 people died in a day. The death toll from the coronavirus stood at 7,503. Besides, a total of 74,386 people affected from the virus. In such a situation, the government has issued as emergency throughout the country. 

So far, 27,017 people have been infected in Iran where 2,077 people have died from the virus. 

Meanwhile, 68,421 people have been infected and 1,032 have died in United States. In Spain, 3,647 people have died of 49,515 cases. Switzerland has 10,897 cases with 153 deaths. In UK, 9,529 cases with 465 deaths.  Moreover, many countries including France, Germany, and Japan have the highest cases over deadly coronavirus.   

In the death toll, on the other hand, Bangladesh also joined where six people have died so far with 39 coronavirus cases. Many others are also in quarantine – most of them are expatriates.  
Doctors say the coronavirus can cause infections in the lungs of humans and animals. The virus is spreading from person to person through a cold or flu-like cough. The main symptoms of the virus are respiratory, fever, cough, pneumonia etc. Moreover, one or more organs of the body may become inactive and cause death.

Currently, the most alarming matter is that since the virus is new and no antibiotics have been yet discovered. The only way to prevent the virus from getting infected is to stay away from infected ones. Therefore, Chinese researchers have advised to seek medical help immediately after such symptoms occur in the human body.