Alexa Coronavirus death toll jumps to 56 in China

Dhaka, Monday   24 February 2020


Coronavirus death toll jumps to 56 in China

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 Published: 10:26 AM, 26 January 2020   Updated: 12:30 PM, 26 January 2020

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

In China, the death toll from the deadly Coronavirus has risen to 56. The number is increasing every day. The country's state news agency said that the Coronavirus, which started the infection from Hubei province, killed at least 56 people and 1975 people were reported affected till Sunday.

President Xi Jinping warned of the situation in the meantime. He urged all to unite to face this catastrophe.

Authorities say at least 13 people died only in Hubei province and 323 were admitted to hospital with new breathing problems.

The province's health department says at least more seven people have died in the city of 11 million people, and the others 46 were affected further.

On the other hand, one was reported dead in Henan province on the northern border of Hubei. For the first time, one person was reported died of the virus in Shanghai too.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government has banned travel to more than 12 cities, including Wuhan. All events celebrating China's New Year have also been canceled.

However, China is taking steps to prevent the spread of the virus. Authorities have already announced the construction of a new hospital to treat the affected. Within the next 10 days, the hospital having 1000 beds will start treatment of patients. In addition, another hospital of 1300 patient–bed capacity will be built soon.