Coronavirus death toll crosses 72 thousand...

Dhaka, Friday   05 June 2020

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Coronavirus death toll crosses 72 thousand

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 Published: 11:32 PM, 6 April 2020  



The death toll from the deadly coronavirus has crossed 72 thousand and reached 72,769 till Monday night where a total of 13,18,306 people infected. However, the good news is 2,76,187 are recovered and this number is increasing day by day, according to Worldometer, the international data review organization.   

Though the outbreak of the pandemic virus began in China in December 2019, Italy has the highest number of death reports. So far, 16,523 people died and 1,32,547 people affected by the virus in the country. On the other hand, 22,837 recovered from the deadly virus. 

In the list of the death toll, Spain’s position remains after Italy where 13,169 people died and 1,35,032 people affected. But in terms of COVID-19 recover patients, Spain is ahead of Italy where a total of 40,437 people recovered so far. 

However, the United States has surpassed all the countries in the world in terms of deadly COVID-19 cases. At present, around 3,52,160 people have infected from the virus with the death toll crossed ten thousand, i.e., 10,369. 

81,708 people infected and 3,331 people died in China, the epicenter of coronavirus (COVID-19).  

Meanwhile, 92,839 people have affected in France, another European country, with the death toll stood to 8,078.
In Germany, the number of infected and deaths is rapidly increasing day by day. A total of 101,178 people has infected and 1,612 people died so far from COVID-19 contraction in the country.  

Most countries in Europe are locked down by the outbreak of coronavirus. More than half of the people in the United States are in home isolation. Similar lockdowns are also going on in other continents, including Asia and Africa.

Among the Asian countries – the situation in Iran is the worst. Thousands of people are getting infected from coronavirus every day. 136 people have died in the last 24 hours. So far, the death toll in the country stood to 3,739 where 60,500 people have infected till now.  

The number of coronavirus cases in India rapidly increasing where 404 people infected by the virus in the last 24 hours. So far, India has 4,693 cases with 129 deaths. In Pakistan, the death toll is 52, and a total of 3,662 people have infected till now.

Meanwhile, in Bangladesh, 35 new COVID-19 cases found in the last 24 hours, in the meantime, the total cases have stood to 123, of them – 12 people have died. 33 people have recovered so far and 78 people are still undergoing treatment in different hospitals.