Alexa Coronavirus can kill 65mn people!

Dhaka, Monday   17 February 2020


Coronavirus can kill 65mn people!

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 Published: 11:16 PM, 25 January 2020  

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

The deadly coronavirus is spreading out in vast portion in China which caused for death toll climbed to 41 as well as the number of victims stands at about one thousand which firstly spread out from Wuhan.

It is not just confined to China, it has already spread to many other countries of the world and no effective antidote has been discovered so far.

Meanwhile, US experts have warned of dire fears. They predicted that millions of people could be killed by a new type of coronavirus.

The first Coronavirus outbreak began in Wuhan, on 31 December in the last year, just three months after waring by the experts at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the famous US health research center. Wildlife trafficking is believed to have spread the disease from an illicit market. Then the deadly virus, like pneumonia, began to spread throughout the country as well as out of China also.

According to the Chinese authorities, so far the infectious virus has killed 41 people in China and about a thousand have been infected. According to British experts, however, the number of victims is several thousand.

Johns Hopkins Center senior researcher Dr. Eric Toner told Business Insider that he wasn't surprised at the end of December when the virus spread to China.

"For a long time, it seemed like a new virus could spread and that would be a coronavirus," he said.

He added, "But I still don't know how infectious the virus is. We know it spreads from one to the other. But I do not know the extent of its spread.”

Eric Toner said that initially, it seems a bit more flexible than the SARS virus. On the other hand, it can be more contagious than SARS.