Coronavirus: How much will mask protect you?

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Coronavirus: How much will mask protect you?

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 Published: 04:02 PM, 2 February 2020  

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A "coronavirus" born in Wuhan, China's Hubei province, has emerged as a new "threat" to the world at the beginning of 2020. Because the virus has already spread to at least 27 countries outside China. And until the last news, at least 304 people have died infected with the virus. There are more than 14,000 people have been identified as infected so far.

The main symptoms of coronavirus are respiratory, fever, cough, pneumonia, etc. It can cause the death of an infected person by disabling one or more organs in the body.

Meanwhile, scientists have not been able to produce any antibiotics to protect against coronavirus. And everyone is coming out of the mask to cover their nose and nose to protect themselves from the virus. The question is, is it possible to prevent coronavirus infection using a mask like this?

Experts say using a mask can help prevent the spread of the virus if used in the right weather and in the right way.

The US Department of Public Health has urged the public to be aware that conditions such as mask use have not been made. But for China, this is completely different. As a result, the demand for masks has increased in the country. As a result, China and the United States have increased production to supply it.

Marybeth Sexton, an assistant lecturer at the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, said the most worn, cheap and disposable mask, known as a surgical mask, could prevent, but not eliminate, the coronavirus. Even with perfect use, a virus or pathogen can be infected by these masks or pass through the eyes to the body.

This type of surgical mask is usually yellow or blue in color. Which can be firmly stuck in the ear through the rubber. It is possible to cover the mouth, chin, and nose. And on top of these masks is an iron strip, which easily covers the mouth and nose.

However, experts have given equal importance to the proper opening of such masks. It should be kept open while opening so that it does not add any dirt and can be opened at once.