Coronavirus: Death toll rises to 1765 in China

Dhaka, Friday   10 April 2020


Coronavirus: Death toll rises to 1765 in China

Over 70,000 infected

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 Published: 10:06 AM, 17 February 2020   Updated: 12:13 PM, 17 February 2020

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

Death tolls in the lethal Coronavirus has risen to 1765 in china after new 100 death. In addition, 1 thousand 933 ne virus infected have been identified in the country. So far, more than 70 thousand 433 coronavirus (COVID-19) infected have been identified in China including 58, 182 people in the country’s Hubei province, the origin of the epidemic virus, reports Al Jazeera Monday according to local health authorities.

The Hubei Health Commission says the total number of fatalities so far in their province is 1696. Besides, the number of victims is 58, 182.

However, Hubei on Sunday banned private cars movement in all their city streets to rinse the coronavirus spread.

Meanwhile, American citizens who were anchored with Diamond Princess in Yokohama, Japan, have been removed from Corona.

The United States says 40 virus-infected people have been kept in Japan for treatment.