Coronavirus: Death toll jumps to 900

Dhaka, Thursday   02 April 2020


Coronavirus: Death toll jumps to 900

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 Published: 10:29 AM, 10 February 2020   Updated: 01:01 PM, 10 February 2020



The death toll from China’s coronavirus epidemic is continuously increasing as 91 more people died on Saturday. The number of deaths jumped to 904 globally on Monday as 902 people died in and outside the mainland of China. In addition, one in Hong Kong and one died in the Philippines.

The country’s health commission confirmed another 2,618 new cases in Hubei province, where the outbreak emerged in December. — reports South China Morning Star. 

There are now more than 39,800 confirmed cases across China, based on previously released figures from the government. 97 people died in the last 24 hours, which is the highest number of deaths in a single day. In all, 910 people have died from the virus so far which surpasses the record of being killed by the SARS virus in 2002-2003. 

According to the National Health Commission of China, 3,0622 people Have been affected in China in the last one day. So far, the total number of affected people is 40,171. Of them, 6500 people were reported to be in critical condition. 

2,618  people were newly affected in Hubei. In all, 871 died in the province and 29,718 were 29,718 were affected. Of the 97 people who died in the last 24 hours, 91 died in Hubei, while the remaining 6 died in other parts of China. However, 1800 got healed in the province.  

The new virus is believed to have emerged last year in a market that sells wild animals in Hubei’s capital Wuhan, the city at the center of the outbreak, before spreading across the country. In order to prevent the virus from spreading, China has separated Hubei province from the whole country where all contacts with the region are closed from outside the world, including China. 

Coronavirus patients have been identified in 25 countries of the world, including all the provinces in China. So far, 270 outbreaks have been identified outside China. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared a health emergency. 

Of the 25 countries — China, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, United States, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Nepal, France, Australia, Canada, Germany, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, and Israel — are reported to have been affected. Besides, new patients are being identified everyday.

WHO said on Saturday that the number of cases being reported daily in China was “stabilizing”, although the health body warned it was too early to say if the virus had peaked.