Coronavirus: 11 under observation in India, Bangladesh on alert...

Dhaka, Thursday   15 April 2021

Coronavirus: 11 under observation in India, Bangladesh on alert

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 Published: 01:31 PM, 25 January 2020   Updated: 01:46 PM, 25 January 2020



With the amid fear of spreading China’s coronavirus throughout the world, India is now confirmed 11 people on suspicion of the virus. However, they have been monitored as “some of the symptoms” of the virus have appeared in them, reported Indian media. 

According to NDTV, a total of four persons were monitor in Kerala, two in Mumbai and one each in Bangalore and Hyderabad on suspicion of being infected with the coronavirus. They all recently traveled to China. After returning from there, some symptoms of the new virus were noticed on their body.

Dr. Amar Fetel, a Kerala doctor who appointed for research on coronavirus, said “those patients have recently returned from China and their body is showing some symptoms. So, they were being kept under observation at the hospital’s intensive monitoring center as part of precautionary activities.”

The Central Health Department of India has said that others have also been kept in intensive care centers in their state. Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is preparing to treat such patients. The hospital has set up separate intensive monitoring stations and beds. The emergency helpline number opened in Kerala. 

However, the Health Ministry of India has so far not reported any person from coronavirus positive in the country.

Meanwhile, special precautions have been taken in Bangladesh for the spread of the virus in China. The Department of Health has decided to screen people — those who are returning from overseas — to prevent the transmission of the new virus. It may be possible to detect the coronavirus in one’s body anytime.

Noted that until Saturday morning, the virus killed at least 41 people in China. More than 1200 people have been affected.