Corona patient shot dead in North Korea

Dhaka, Thursday   02 April 2020


Corona patient shot dead in North Korea

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 Published: 10:32 PM, 13 February 2020  



An official of the North Korean commerce office has been shot dead after leaving Quarantine Point for a public toilet. He was placed in quarantine on suspicion of having coronavirus after returning from a recent trip to China.

According to a report in the country’s daily The Dong-a Ilbo, the official was shot dead immediately after being arrested for fear of spreading coronavirus “for going to the public toilet”.  

North Korea has not yet confirmed any coronavirus cases. However, Kim Jong-un, the country’s president, has imposed military law in North Korea as a precautionary measure against the outbreak in China.

He ordered to be kept quarantine those who have close relations with China or recently traveled to China — even though corona is not detected in their body.    

Those who disobey the supreme leader’s order — the decree has been issued in North Korea specifically for anyone who leaves quarantine without permission. Pyongyang, meanwhile, has sent a man into exile after trying to visit home from China.  

It is very difficult to disregard government orders in North Korea. In addition, many people are executed every year in the country but this cannot be verified. Rumors have surfaced that a senior North Korean leader had been deported following Kim Jong-un’s failed summit with US President Donald Trump last year. However, the officer was later seen in public standing beside Kim Jong-un. 

In a Pyongyang announcement on Wednesday, the quarantine timeout for corona was increased by 30 days. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) officials have suggested quarantine on suspicion of the virus for 14 days.

The virus is believed to have been affected by a seafood market in Wuhan, the capital of China’s Hubei province, on December 31. In the meantime, the virus spread to 28 countries around the world, and 60,363 have been affected. And the death toll climbed to 1367. 

Meanwhile, the highest number of fatalities so far was Wednesday where at least 254 people have died in the country that day. 

The WHO named the virus COVID-19. Millions of more people are believed to be affected by the virus.

Source: Daily Mail