Corona masks first wedding kiss

Dhaka, Friday   03 April 2020


Corona masks first wedding kiss

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 Published: 12:40 PM, 22 February 2020   Updated: 12:41 PM, 22 February 2020

Photo: Collected

Photo: Collected

The coronavirus scary all over the world is making the more complex. Panic extremes in the Philippines People as the number of infected are increasing day by day. Now the world becomes a witness to an exceptional event as the country has organized a mass wedding traditionally with all the new couples wearing masks, reports Reuters on Friday.

The report stated that as the number of coronaviruses infected increases, and in this situation, a mass wedding has been completed in the country where hundreds of new couples have pledged new life by kissing each other wearing masks.

New couples are kissing each other wearing masks in the mass wedding program

The government has organized the mass wedding in the coastal city of Bacolod in the Philippines where 220 couples were attended. The mask was compulsory for all those who participated in it. Besides, their health reports and 14-day travel history have been submitted.

John Paul, 39, who attended the wedding, said the feeling of masked kissing was certainly exceptional but had to be used to prevent corona infection.

The mass wedding was organized in the behest of the government

Regarding this event, local Mayor Evilio Leonardo said that such alertness is adopted in t public occasion considering the health issue of all. Because, if our families are healthy, this city will be strong against disease.