Corona death toll may hit 40,000 in London

Dhaka, Wednesday   08 April 2020


Corona death toll may hit 40,000 in London

Preparation underway for mass graves

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 Published: 02:08 PM, 29 February 2020  

London underground. Photo: Collected

London underground. Photo: Collected

The whole world, including China, is still in a panic of the coronavirus. The scary has spread to Europe as well. Scary of coronavirus outbreak is spreading in London too. An official document from the recently leaked plan following the scary has been handed over to the British media the Daily Star.

The document, titled 'London Extra Deaths Framework', discusses possible alternatives to the coronavirus crisis.

In this 42-page document, the issue of mass deaths in the coronavirus has surfaced. Documents say that in London, there are likely to be around 1058 deaths each week in the worst-case scenario if the coronavirus turns an epidemic state in London. So in this situation, preparations are being made to build mass graves in London. The document states that the process will be carried out by deploying the army.

On the other hand, the British cabinet on Wednesday gave special instructions to local authorities in this regard. The directive addresses the preparation of plans in about additional deaths in the case of coronavirus outbreaks in a wider range.

It also said that in the incident of additional deaths, more space should be taken into consideration for the local authorities to bury the body as planned. Warehouses and hangers may be taken into consideration.

The document added that the easiest law would be taken into account in the declaration of death. The measures will be taken to bury the bodies more quickly or to burn them in flames. Also, military assistance may be needed to transport the bodies.

Source: Daily Star Online (UK)