Alexa Contributions of General Aziz Ahmed as ex Director General of BGB (Part II)

Dhaka, Sunday   22 September 2019


Contributions of General Aziz Ahmed as ex Director General of BGB (Part II)

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 Published: 10:47 AM, 25 May 2019   Updated: 02:50 PM, 27 May 2019

Photo: General Aziz inaugurating Officers’ Family Accommodation in Jashore Region

Photo: General Aziz inaugurating Officers’ Family Accommodation in Jashore Region

Developmental Works of Newly-Formed Regions

General Aziz undertook numerous developmental works at the newly formed Regions around the country. Among these following are mentionable:  

In newly formed Rangpur Region he constructed New office building, New Region Commander Bungalow, New officers’ quarters, Soldier barrack, MT guarrage and Electric Power Station. 

In Sarail Region, he built Rest House, Junior Commissioned Officers’ (JCO) Family quarters, Soldiers Barracks, Magazine for ammunitions and explosives, 200 KVA Generator room etc.  

In Jashore Region, Region Commander’s Bungalow, Officers’ Family Accommodation, Region Headquarters Office Building and Signal Complex were constructed.  

Photo: The newly constructed family accommodation in Chattogram Region
In Chattogram Region, he built Officers’ Resthouse, Officers’ Family Accommodation, 10 Storied Soldiers’ Accommodation, Mechanical Transport Guarrage and Soldiers’ Family Accommodation named ‘Kornofuli’.  

Developmental Works of Border Guard Training Center and School

Under the guidance of General Aziz, huge developmental works were undertaken for Border Guard Training Center and School.  Among these Constructions of new building for Birshreshtha Shaheed Nur Mohammad Sheikh Hall, 10-storey building for residence of regimental soldier's family, Soldiers' barracks, Female Soldiers’ Barrack, Commandant’s Bungalow, Bir  Shreshtho Shaheed Munshi Abdur Rouf Hall are worthy to be mentioned.  

Development of Newly Formed Sectors:

General Aziz undertook a number of developmental works for the development of newly formed sectors. Among these following few can be mentioned.  

Photo: The Newly Constructed Sector’s Commander’s Bungalow in Thakurgaon

New Office building, New JCOs Mess, New Sector Commander’s Bungalow, New Rest House, New soldiers' barrack, MT Guarrage, Kote, Magazine, 500 KVA electric Sub Station, Soldiers’ Family accommodation, Multipurpose Shed etc. at Thakurgaon sectors.

Officers’ Family Accommodation, Sector MT guarrage, Sector Headquarter Office Building, New JCO’s Mess, New soldiers’ Barrack, Soldiers’ Family Accommodation at Srimongol Sector. 

Officers’ Family New Accommodation, Sector Headquarters Office Building at Guimara Sector. 

Officers’ Family Accommodation and JCO’s Family accommodation at Bandarban Sector.

New Sector Commander’s Bungalow, Officers’ Family Accommodation and Soldiers’ Family accommodation, New soldiers’ Barrack, New JCO’s Mess, Sector Office Building, New Sick bay, Dining Hall, Recreation Room, Magazine etc. at Cox Bazar Sector.

Development of Newly Formed Battalions:

Under the direction of General Aziz, huge developmental works were undertaken in almost all the newly raised BGB Battalions (From 50 - 61 BGB battalion)  which included:  

Photo: Newly Constructed Officers’ Rest House at 50 BG Battalion

New Quarter Guard, New Officers Rest House, New office building and soldier barracks, New dining hall, book house and recreation room,  New family residence, New multipurpose Shed for 50 BGB Battalion.

New Officers’ Family Accommodation and Office Building for 51 BGB Battalion.

New soldiers’ Barrack and New Rest House for 52 BGB Battalion.

Commanding Officer’s Bungalow, Rest House and New Magazine for 53 BGB Battalion.

Quarter Guard Complex for 55 BGB Battalion.

Soldiers’ Family Accommodation and Officers’ Accommodation for 56 BGB Battalion. 

Establishment and Development Activities of Newly Formed BOPs

General Aziz within a span of only 05 years (2012-2016) established 108 new BOPs, undertook maintenance works of 149 BOPs and construction works of 40 BOPs.   

Miscellaneous Developmental Activities undertaken by General Aziz

Photo: The Newly constructed Thanchi Rest House

General Aziz undertook a few more developmental activities for up liftmen of  BGB in general. Important of those were Construction and Establishment BGB Border Rest Center at Thanchi, Introduction of Telemedicine Services and CT Scan machine at BGB Hospital, Laying foundation Stone of BGB Air Wing, Construction of Family Accommodation for Freedom Fighters, Introduction of BGB Dog Squad and most importantly Introduction of Female soldiers in BGB.  

Photo: Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal Laying Foundation Stone of BGB Air Wing.

From above, it can be easily deduced that is was the unique leadership quality, underlying Command Philosophy and above all his untiring endeavor of General Aziz as the chieftain of  the then BGB which has brought this organization to the level of one of the most advanced and best border guards forces in the contemporary South-East Asia region. He proved that it is the leadership which can bring significant changes in the way organizations can develop. His command will be remembered by the generations of the border guards for his reforms, leadership, welfare for both serving, retired, martyrs of the liberation war and freedom fighters.

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