Concerns arisen as Ctg sees more than 14 divorces per day...

Dhaka, Friday   22 October 2021

Concerns arisen as Ctg sees more than 14 divorces per day

 Md. Rakibur Rahman, Chattogram

 Published: 08:19 PM, 21 September 2021   Updated: 08:25 PM, 21 September 2021

Representational Photo

Representational Photo

Ishita Akhter (pseudonym) married Maine Uddin (pseudonym) 15 years ago. The couple has two children. Everything was going well smoothly. But recently Maine got married to another one. The matter was kept hidden at the beginning but later revealed. As a result, the marital dispute began. When this continues, Ishita and Maine decided to separate at one point and got divorced finally.

“I married Maine although the family did not agree. We married for 15 years and never argued with each other. But suddenly he got married again. I didn’t know the matter for a long time. When asked, Maine started abusive language with me! – which I have never seen in 15 years of marriage,” Ishita told the correspondent when asked her the bitter experience of separation. “At one point, I thought this cannot be continued. Later, I decided to give him a divorce.”

Not only Ishita and Maine, but such separations are also taking place in Chattogram city daily. Another of them is Sultana (pseudonym). Sultana works in a private company in the city. She got married to a businessman three years ago. But soon after the marriage, Sultana found out that her husband was addicted to drugs. Later, she divorced him.

“I got married as per the family’s wish. He (her ex-husband) used to run a business establishment. But after marriage, I saw he was addicted to drugs. He used to beat me whenever he came home late every night. I, even his family, tried to rehabbing him in different ways, but could not succeed. As a result, I got separated later,” Sultana said.

Sultana added every girl wants to get a little happiness in her husband’s family. But that happiness is not on everyone’s forehead. “You can’t be a good person just by having money, you have to be a good character.”

Meanwhile, from the beginning of this year to the middle of September, 3,572 people have filed for divorce in the city corporation’s arbitration court in Chattogram city. As such, an average of 14 divorce petitions has been filed in this court in 24 hours or a day. Besides, most of the applicants are women.

Jahanara Ferdous, Special Magistrate (Joint District Judge) of the Chattogram City Corporation (CCC) Arbitration Court, said there were various reasons behind the break-up. Divorce is happening in all classes from high to low. However, the rate is “higher this year” than last year.

“If we look for the reasons behind divorce, it can be seen that most of the divorces are due to drug addiction, smartphone addiction and extramarital affairs. Apart from this, a lack of tolerance, ethics and values ​​can also be noticed. Economic instability is also a big factor. The dowry of the benefactor and the pressure of the dower from the bride are also responsible for this,” she said.

Jahanara Ferdous added that the number of divorces has increased during the “COVID period”. There could be many reasons behind this. After living together for a long time in COVID-period, “they are likely not to accept each other’s faults”. However, tolerance among people has reduced a lot. After the application, many try to keep their marriage alive, however, that number is much lower. 

After reviewing the divorce applications submitted to the CCC Arbitration Court, it was found that the language of all the applications from top to bottom is almost the same.

The reasons for separation from women are shown as “torture for dowry, addiction to extramarital affairs or second marriage, conflict with in-laws, husband’s drug addiction”, etc.

On part of men, on the other hand, view “wife’s adultery, husband’s disobedience, refusal to stay in a joint family, not having children”, etc behind the separation.

Statistics show that 4,854 people filed for divorce CCC Arbitration Court in 2020, 4,550 in 2019, 4,331 in 2018 and 3,928 in 2017. In this case, more than 55 percent of the applications were from women. In other words, it can be said “women are ahead in the divorce”.