Commonwealth SG lauds Sheikh Hasina’s leadership...

Dhaka, Saturday   23 January 2021

Commonwealth SG lauds Sheikh Hasina’s leadership


 Published: 02:01 PM, 4 December 2020  

Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland; File Photo

Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland; File Photo

Commonwealth Secretary General Patricia Scotland has called Bangladesh’s past one decade of development “incredible achievements” saying Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina deserved its “full credit”.

“Sheikh Hasina deserves full credit for the incredible achievements of her government since she has been prime minister,” she said in an exclusive virtual interview with BSS following a high-level dialogue jointly organized by Bangladesh High Commission in the UK and Commonwealth Secretariat in London last week.

The top Commonwealth official said many current world leaders may learn from Sheikh Hasina’s leadership that secured Bangladesh’s positive growth amid pandemic even while the country was shouldering the burden of over a million Rohingyas who fled their homeland in Myanmar to evade persecution.

“As the leader (Sheikh Hasina) of a developing country listed as one of the most vulnerable in the world to natural disasters, her actions demonstrated that development does not need to come at the cost of our humanity, and that compassion should be a key feature of leadership,” she said.

Scotland, who now serves as Commonwealth’s sixth secretary-general added: “This is a lesson many leaders today can learn from (Sheikh Hasina).”

Referring to IMF (International Monetary Fund) notes, Scotland said Bangladesh has experienced positive growth rates due to the visionary plans, action and hard work of the Sheikh Hasina government while many developing economies experienced negative growth rates.

“I commend Sheikh Hasina and her government for achieving that,” she said.

The Commonwealth secretary-general said Bangladesh has steadily improved its economic and development prospects and is expected to graduate from least developed to developing country status in 2024.

In the last decade alone, she continued, Bangladesh’s economy grew in size by 188 percent averaging 6-7% growth per year while a key feature of the country’s economic landscape is ensuring 100 percent ICT access for people at grassroots levels.

Scotland said in an increasingly digitalized world this could support economic growth at community levels and more equitable wealth distribution through increased access to e-commerce and other digital platforms.