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Common misconceptions about heart diseases that you need to know

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 Published: 02:42 PM, 3 January 2018   Updated: 10:17 AM, 5 January 2018

Heart disease describes a range of conditions that affect your heart. Diseases under the heart disease include blood vessel diseases, such as coronary artery disease; heart rhythm problems (arrhythmias); and heart defects (congenital heart defects).

It`s admitted by the WHO and the CDC, heart disease is the main cause of death in the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia. The number of US adults diagnosed with heart disease stands at 26.6 million (11.3% of adult population).

We know that heart disease is the life-threatening disease,, but the question is how much we know about the heart disease? Some may refer to the Cardiovascular disease. But heart disease is not same as cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular disease assigned to conditions that involve narrowed or blocked blood vessels which can lead to a heart attack, chest pain (angina) or stroke. On the other heart conditions that affect your heart`s muscle, valves or rhythm, are considered forms of heart disease.

Sometimes the young adults take heart diseases very lightly and thinking that it can only happen to old relatives and fried-food loving neighbors. but That’s not true. Young adults can also suffer from heart disease. so we need to take care of our hearts very carefully.

Busting the age-old is one of the common misconceptions about heart disease. but there is also some misconception that we need to know. Here a list of the misconceptions that you need to know to secure yourself and your loved ones from the killer heart ailments. 

You’ll get heart disease if it runs in your family
It is totally false that genetics can play role in heart disease. A large number of people suffer from heart disease because of their irregular and poor lifestyle choices. This includes not eating healthy food such as nutrients, vitamins and destitute choices like smoking and drinking, stress and little or no physical activity. 

All fats are bad for heart
Many people consider that the simple way to eliminate heart disease to go off fats. but it is not true. All fats are not bad for your health. The artificially made Trans fats, also called partially hydrogenated oils are the ones that need to avoid at all cost. They are usually found in baked and processed foods that claim to be ‘healthier’ options! 

Chest pains indicate a heart attack
it is one of the most common apprehensive that chest pain indicates a heart attack. While it is common to have chest pains during a heart attack, but it is not the case. There is something called as the ‘Silent attack’ which often has very subtle symptoms that can easily be mistaken for something else. The symptoms include nausea, shortness of breath, light-headedness, pain or discomfort in both arms, neck or joints. never ignore that these casual symptoms and if you ever feel one you need to rush to a doctor. 

Diabetes does not cause heart diseases on medication
Never take diabetes lightly. After heart diseases, diabetes in the second biggest threatening disease in the country! No matter how many medications a diabetic takes to keep their blood sugar levels in check, they are always at the risk of suffering from heart disease. To beat the heart disease, you need to keep your cholesterol in check and shake off that extra weight and never ignore your body symptoms. 

Men are more likely to fall into heart disease
NOT TRUE. Men and women both are susceptible to heart disease. However, it is commonly found that men suffer from heart disease at an earlier age, while women suffered from heart disease before the age of 55. There are a lot of factors that contribute to this such as stress, the lack of physical activity, lifestyle, belly fat and testosterone levels.