Colorful pictures emblazon schools environment...

Dhaka, Tuesday   04 August 2020

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Colorful pictures emblazon schools environment

 Pabitra Talukdar, Chatmohar (Pabna)

 Published: 08:37 PM, 19 June 2019  

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

Photo: Daily Bangladesh

The Bengali-English alphabets are emblazoned in the entry gate and walls of the school. There are various pictures including national fruit, country-nature, Mina cartoons of the children around the classrooms and the building. In this way, every government primary school in Chatmohar of Pabna is changing with colorful pictures. 

Initially, the Upazila administration and Upazila Primary Education Office have taken such initiatives to develop the country’s students, learn about country-nature and make them school-friendly.

While visiting Dolong, Mallikpur, and Noimuddun Government Primary School of Chatmohar, it was seen that artist Manik Kumar Das painted the pictures of Mina cartoon, flowers-fruits, and animal-birds in the school wall. Apart from this, the map of Bangladesh and pictures of renowned persons and various motto have been drawn in every class.

According to the education office, this work has been done in 10 schools of the upazila. Such government work will be done in 153 schools in phases.

“Healthy environment and beautiful mind- these two things are very much needed. If the school environment is nice, students will be meditated in studies. The children will be more interested in the school,” said Latika Sultana, principal of Dolong Government Primary School, adding that the students will study happily. “We are thankful for such initiative.”

“If the students get such environment in the school, students will be happy to come to the school, get concentrated in the study and reduce the number of failing students,” said Chatmohar Education Officer Ashraful Islam, mentioning, “This initiative has been taken for such reasons.”