Cockroaches of thousands mn yrs found in amber...

Dhaka, Sunday   31 May 2020

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Cockroaches of thousands mn yrs found in amber

 Jannatul Mawa Sweety

 Published: 03:14 PM, 3 March 2020  

Cockroach stuck in amber

Cockroach stuck in amber

Two new ancient species of cockroach have been found, perfectly preserved in amber, in a cave in Myanmar. The dinosaur-age cockroaches were in dating back about 99 million years ago.

Scientists have discovered two ancient species of cockroaches in a cave in Myanmar. It is currently preserved in amber (gemstone containing organisms). Scientists have named this ancient cockroach as " Crenocticola svadba and Mulleriblattina bowangi ".

These two cockroaches have been together since about 99 million years ago. That is, they have been living on earth since the time of the dinosaurs. According to, the cockroaches have been found unconverted in an amber obtained from a mine in the Hukawong Valley, Myanmar.

Insects stuck in amber

Amber is one kind of oilseeds that are discharged from the wound on the tree. It is a type of resin that is getting out of the tree to protect the wound. By the contact of the air, this resin becomes a polymer, forming a solid form of solid thickness. In many cases, various insects die from drowning in contact with amber when it was in a liquid state.

Just, the case with cockroaches was the same. Although Amber is solid now, the two cockroaches become stuck inside it. In this process, once the tree dies, the decay of the resin didn’t occur, but it is progressively transformed from the crude to the more tough substances.

Insects or other objects trapped in amber in this state can make sense of millions or billions of years old. Huge information can be known about insects, especially their evolution and evolutionary changes. Amber is also used as a jewel in jewelry. They look pretty shiny.


According to the study, microscope experiments have shown that the cockroach that has been found in the cave has similarities with that of the present. Like their physical fins, their little fins, their bodies, their eyes, and even their legs are similar. They even have unusually large antennas on their heads. However, scientists are still not sure exactly how the cockroaches have turned into amber.

From the nineteenth century, scientists believe that cockroach is one of the oldest worms. There are many old-fashioned insects, which were also found in the Carboniferous period, some 320 million years old. The ancestor of the cockroach did not have an internal absorber present in the cockroach.

They are seen everywhere and they are very challenging insects. They can adapt to any environment from the cold of the polar regions to the intense heat of the tropical. In the warmer regions, the caterpillars grow larger in size than the temperate regions.